• Image of Bulb #8/100 "The Edison"
  • Image of Bulb #8/100 "The Edison"
  • Image of Bulb #8/100 "The Edison"

This unit incorporates some ideas I got from inspecting antique light bulbs in the Corning Museum of Glass recently. One of the ideas is using small metal brackets imbedded in the glass to hold the heating element in place. It took a while to figure out how to make it happen but the effect is great and I will be playing with it much more in the future.

Also the longer vaping surface and a nice dip at the end of the coil will allow this unit to function amazingly at ultra-low temps.

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14mm joint
I will wire this unit to function with your PID power supply (enail, dnail, etc) please inform me of your particular brand and allow time for wiring before delivery.

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