Here are some guidelines and helpful tips to get it running and things to avoid in order to keep it running for a long time.


-This unit is set up to work with a DIGITAL D-NAIL control box.  Do not plug into anything else without consulting me first.  This can destroy your unit and void your warrantee.

-Never put water down the glass coil of your bulb. Don’t submerge or wet the outside other than to wipe with a damp cloth when the unit is totally cool.  One drop of water going down a hot coil can crack it.  If you do get water down the coil you should set it at 150 deg. and let it dry completely before bringing it back up to higher temperatures.

-Never leave Bulb on when un-attended. 

-Never operate over 750*F this can severely shorten the lifespan of the glass coil and the heating element.

-Don’t wrap the chord around a hot unit.  Cord is fire resistant but not fireproof.

-It’s hot! Every part of the Bulb can get hot enough to burn you!


- For low temp dabbing:  Drop your dab in, let it melt for a second, suck really hard for a second to spread the dab across as much of the coil as possible then carb cap and/or just draw really slowly. 

-Units are all K type thermocouple unless otherwise specified.  Please make sure your power supply is set for K type thermocouple (refer to the user’s manual of your pid)

-This unit works best in a totally upright position.

-To clean: run unit at a higher but safe temp (under 750 F) to burn off residue.  It is important to keep air flowing through the bulb as you burn it clean.  Set it on a dry rig or a bubbler without any water in it and periodically blow through the bulb during cleaning to keep air moving.  I usually clean mine at 750 and it takes about 5 min. with periodic blowing.

-We are finding that the Bulb works best in the 350*F to 500*F range.  Opinions and tastes vary, this is a big range in which to find your personal preference.  (again never operate over 800*F)

-Experiment with long slow draws at lower temperatures, fast heavy draws at high temperatures, and also dropping a glob in, waiting a few seconds, then drawing.